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Home Articles Quality shortfall in Middle east

Quality shortfall in Middle east

“The cost of poor quality in hospitals and healthcare facilities leads to higher infection rates, medical errors, and sicker patients, which in turn leads to longer length of stay, lower productivity and lower revenues,” says Dr Agarwal.

According to Dr. Rashi Agarwal, Director of Praxis Healthcare Consultancy based in Mumbai, accreditation leads to better patient care and inculcates a culture of patient safety and risk reduction practices. Not only does it improve clinical outcomes, but it also assesses and shows improvement in all aspects of management and business operations leading to an increase in the bottom line.

“Acceptability, accessibility, accountability and allocative efficiency are the biggest challenges in providing quality healthcare, not only in the Middle East, but all over the world. These can be overcome only through correct education and training with involvement of senior management and clinical staff,” she continues.


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