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Praxis Healthcare Consultancy in Mumbai is well equipped with technical expertise and experience to comprehensively assimilate projects in Hospital Consulting and Healthcare activities from conceptualization, execution, operational management to project management. Praxis is a professionally run organization upheld by Dr.Rashi Agarwal who has been at the forefront of hospital facility management along with her team of allied professionals. Purposeful strategies remain their watchwords to deliver optimum service.

PRAXIS - The Healthcare Consulting firm of Jaipan Industries Ltd. provides you with integrated solutions for all your healthcare business requirements. Today, healthcare organizations are faced with rising costs, financial instability and significant marketplace issues.

The company has an in-depth understanding of the healthcare market space , including economics of healthcare delivery and related businesses, crucial success factors for new and serving players, consumer’s healthcare buying behavior, and hospital consultant dynamics.

The consultants are uniquely poised to deliver advisory services in operational management for existing healthcare facilities. It seeks to work with the client, with his prerequisites, his prospects and customized to his needs, to achieve the excellence in clinical care. Their customized approach allows them to assist healthcare participants ranging from small players to corporate establishments.

Their expertise for optimization of resource deployment in existing facilities, market surveys and economic feasibility studies for new projects will ensure viability and superfluous business generation in the units.

Our objective is to achieve faster market response and decision-making, increased performance, reduced costs, and strengthened competitive advantage for our healthcare clients.

What We Have To Offer :

  1. One stop shop for Hospital Planning and Management
  2. Professional Management
  3. Expert panel of consultants for all verticals of a healthcare unit
  4. Patient centric healthcare designing and operations
  5. Good grounding in the healthcare industry
  6. Young and dynamic team of individuals