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Our Hospital Management Services

Praxis Healthcare prides itself on the vast experience we've gathered in many years of working in the healthcare industry, providing its healthcare management services. This experience allowed us to create our knowledge base and subject material experience in various aspects. We offer consultation services in hospital planning, healthcare consulting, healthcare commissioning, human resources management and Quality Accreditations like JCI & NABH. In addition, we provide services in setting up health care facilities across the world, right from identifying the land to partnering with the client until the project goes live. We believe in spotless strategy execution and ensure that whatever we design in conjunction with our client is implemented perfectly to the last detail.

Our Healthcare Consultancy Services

New Hospital Setup

If you wish to setup a new hospital facility!

Existing Hospital Setup

If you wish to remodel, streamline, improve your hospital design and operational efficiency to provide a better quality of care!

We offer a range of healthcare consultancy services that can help your organization jump to the next level.

healthcare management services

Hospital planning and Hospital Designing according to international standards are carried out based on the departments, patient flow, adequateness for other services and management ease. Our Hospital planning team brings in their vast experience to ensure that the design enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of patient care in the facility at optimal cost.

Project Conceptualization

  1. Market Research
  2. Feasibility report
  3. Financial Feasibility
  4. Business Modelling
  5. Hospital Project Management
  6. Demand Modelling
  7. Product Line Planning


  1. Hospital Architectural Planning
  2. Facility planning with detailed plans and drawings
  3. Co-ordination with associated Consultants
  4. Providing inputs from our team Medical Consultants & Biomedical Engineers for Technical Inputs

Facility planning and interior designing

  1. Project Implementation Planning
  2. Hospital layout planning
  3. Hospital Interior Design Planning
  4. Hospital Equipment Planning
  5. Engineering Services Planning
  6. Conceptual Aesthetic Design
  7. Finish & Furniture Selection
  8. Interior & Exterior Landscaping
  9. Interior & Exterior Signage

Commissioning assistance

  1. Developing a mission and vision for the facility
  2. Manpower Planning
  3. Develop organograms
  4. Recruitment assistance through our extensive database of candidates
  5. Training for employees
  6. Job descriptions
  7. Medical & Non-Medical Equipment Planning & Procurement Assistance
  8. Designing Salary Structure
  9. Designing Tariff Structure
  10. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  11. Hospital Information System

Engineering services: Design & Commissioning

  1. Air Conditioning System.
  2. Fire Alarm & Security system (CCTV and digital recording)
  3. Plumbing
  4. Water and Effluent Treatment Systems
  5. Medical gases
  6. Laundry
  7. Stand by Power Gen-sets / Inverters
  8. Boilers / Incinerators
  9. Pumps/Compressed Air and Vacuum System

hospital operations management, healthcare management services

Praxis undertakes the smooth functioning of the various hospital departments under this area of hospital management. We write and execute policies and protocols, and SOPs to ensure that the skill sets for clinical and managerial areas are maintained to achieve complete patient care. Our healthcare/hospital operations and facility management services include:

  1. Developing policies and SOPs for hospital operations of:
    • Front office
    • OPD
    • IPD
    • ICU
    • Billing
    • Materials
    • Diagnostics
  2. Business Process Re-engineering
  3. Length of stay analysis
  4. Tariff rationalization

Hospital Survey

Hospital surveys and market studies aid hospitals in identifying gaps in consumer expectations and deliver various facilities and services provided at the Hospital. Based on this understanding, the Hospital can evaluate its current brand recall and positioning. Hospital Survey is very important for Hospital Operations Management, and it includes services like:

  1. Comprehensive Healthcare market study
    • Hospital Market Research
    • Competitive Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Developing Business/ Marketing Strategies
    • Developing website
    • Corporate tie-ups
    • Design product literature, patient education material, handouts
  2. Geographical Area Profiling
  3. Parameter Specific Healthcare Market Study
  4. Baseline surveys
  5. Evaluation studies
  6. Brand Identity/Positioning Studies

Hospital Facility Planning

We create hospital designs and plans and execute them, keeping in mind all hospital planning standards using professional architects and interior designers. These architects and interior designers have relevant and exceptional experience in the healthcare industry.

We provide experts for hospital commissioning and start-up to device a complete hospital design process-management system. We make sure that all procedures, protocols, services are in place. The hospital has obtained all required regulatory approvals and licenses, operational policies are well laid out, and most importantly, the marketing campaign is rolled out.

  1. Hospital Planning and Designing
  2. Policy and procedure development
  3. Human Resource planning
  4. Formulating guidelines and processes
  5. Conceptualization and execution of Services
  6. Hospital Administration

Biomedical Equipment Management

Qualified professionals complete the technical evaluation, configuration, and selection of proper medical equipment planning after correctly reviewing market vendors and the set-up requirements.

  1. Equipment planning
  2. Developing specifications
  3. Vendor selection and negotiation
  4. Procurement and installation
  5. Formulating guidelines and Processes

Human Resource Assistance

The hospital recruitment service focuses on identifying the human resources needs of the hospital in line with the planned clinical and administrative services portfolio. It also addresses specific hospital job profiles, approach to recruitment and training needs and benchmarks compensation and benefits to match and attract the best talent to your hospital.

  1. Complete recruitment assistance through our extensive database of candidates from all areas of the healthcare industry
  2. Training for all levels of employees
  3. Compensation and Benefits benchmarking in the industry
  4. Complete documented job descriptions
  5. Designing salary structures and performance-based assessment tools
  6. Develop organograms
  7. Productivity assessment

healthcare management

With increasing awareness among consumers, expectations for the quality of medical care are rising by the day. Praxis is among the few established hospital accreditation agencies that assist hospitals in hospital quality management. We prepare them for various hospital Accreditations to achieve high standards of treatment.

  1. JCI consulting
  2. NABH Accreditation Consulting
  3. Conducting a complete organization-wide Survey
  4. Reporting on all areas of deficiency
  5. Design and Implementation of plans to achieve compliance
  6. Training and education for all levels of staff
  7. Recommending courses of action that will bring your organization into compliance with accreditation standards

hospital marketing

Hospital Marketing is now reasonably well established as a legitimate healthcare function. We contribute to new hospital market planning, market research, and marketing communications to help you achieve planned strategic objectives.

  1. Market Research
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. Companywide branding
  4. SWOT Analysis
  5. Hospital marketing plan
  6. Strategic planning and Census Development
  7. Developing website
  8. Corporate tie-ups
  9. Design product literature, patient education material, handouts
  10. Visual Aids
  11. Designing signages
  12. Movies / Corporate Films
  13. Event management

In addition, we have also started with digital marketing services for Hospital Marketing. This activity has nearly increased the response and the search index on the internet for our clients.

Hospital Financial Planning

A sound hospital financial management system requires skilled and analytical thinkers for your hospital revenue cycle management and processes and tools to escalate hospital revenue. Praxis is among the earliest hospital Consultant India to assist you in:

  1. Optimal Revenue cycle management
  2. Develop tools that report key metrics
  3. Vendor contract negotiation
  4. Supply chain modification
  5. Budgeting and cash projections
  6. Revenue enhancement
  7. Evaluating merger and acquisition opportunities
  8. Length of stay analysis

Information Technology in Hospitals

We assist in formulating specific software, hardware and networking and selection and procurement of the software for Hospital information and management systems (HIMS). We ensure that the facility is equipped with the appropriate technologies with an eye for the future—our IT experts Design systems to streamline the treatment flow of patients. Also, we have a web designing team to design an attractive and functional website for your healthcare organization.

  1. Hospital Information System (HIS)
  2. Website Designing
  3. System Design
  4. System Integration
  5. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Hospital Operations Management

Strategic Transformation is an important activity and part of efficient Hospital Operations & Hospital Planning or Remodelling services. It includes activities like:

  1. Turn Around Strategies
  2. Strategic Design
  3. Joint Ventures
  4. Mergers & Acquisitions
  5. Entrepreneurial Services

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